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Learning about Parkstone Financial is learning about the Parker family; it’s a business built by family for families.

When it comes to finding a Financial Advisor in Valdosta, GA that you can trust, Parkstone Financial wealth management services are the pinnacle of what proper financial stewardship and partnership can – and should – be.

Under the leadership of Steve & Cole Parker, Parkstone Financial is where your journey to financial freedom begins and ends. Imagine a place where your aspirations take center stage, where every conversation starts with your dreams and ends with a strategy to achieve them. Here, at Parkstone Financial, our story is intertwined with yours. Our mission is clear: to forever make impactful investments in our clients’ lives, not just their portfolios. That means people that genuinely care are empowering individuals, families, and business owners with personalized financial planning, wealth management, and investment strategies that resonate with their unique visions and dreams.

Dive deeper to uncover the legacy behind our commitment, explore the core values that guide us, and see how our unwavering dedication to excellence and client-focused approach make us the premier choice for financial advisory services in Valdosta, Georgia. This is not just an “About” page; it’s the prologue to your financial success story.

We have a good name around here... and it's your job to protect it.

Jake "Big Daddy" Parker

The Principles of Parkstone Create

Trusted Financial Advisors in Valdosta, GA

Words are easy. Action is hard. Trust is earned.
You can learn a lot from reading our website, but you can learn it all from meeting our team.

Our Mission

To forever make impactful investments in our clients' lives, not just their portfolios.

Our Core Values

The Parkstone & Parker names were built – and still stand – upon an unshakeable, multi-generational bedrock of timeless morals & values.

  • A Foundation of Integrity
  • A Focus on Family
  • Be Reliable & Resourceful
  • Be Active & Adaptive
  • Committed to Clients First
  • Committed to Excellence Always

Our Vision

To build lifelong client relationships as we adapt to meet every wealth management need.

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Why Parkstone?

Ivy League Smarts, Blue Collar Ethics

Our team consists of highly educated professionals, with the full licensure and accreditation needed to offer the investment access you need, but these book smarts are matched by street smarts and an unrivaled work ethic.

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Why Parkstone?

Proven Expertise, Reliable Results

Our advisors bring decades of industry experience, having navigated various market conditions to achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients. This wealth of knowledge ensures sound, reliable advice and a proven track record of success.

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Why Parkstone?

Your Lifelong Goals, Our Daily Mission

We are deeply invested in your success, taking the time to understand your unique aspirations. Our commitment to building strong, lasting relationships ensures that our strategies are always aligned with your long-term goals and best interests.

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Why Parkstone?

Global Reach, Local Touch

With a robust network of experts and resources – even outside the financial sector – we provide our clients with unparalleled access to the best of the best. Whether in Valdosta, on Wall Street, or anywhere in between, we are professional problem solvers.

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Why Parkstone?

Your Best Interest, Our Best Effort

Trust is the cornerstone of our client relationships. We uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency, ensuring that our clients can rely on us for dependable and ethical financial advice. We don't push products or pursue commissions; we win when you win.

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Meet our Dedicated Team of

Financial Professionals

The people behind Parkstone bring a wealth and variety of experience, insights, and advantages that other wealth management firms in Valdosta, GA don't – or simply can't – offer.


Co-Founder, President, & Investment Advisor Representative at Parkstone Financial

Vice President

Co-Founder & Vice President of Finance, Marketing, & Compliance at Parkstone Financial

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant for Parkstone & Client Experience Coordinator for Parkstone Financial

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The Parkstone Story

From tragedy to triumph, the Parkstone story is the story of the Parker brothers.


From humble beginnings in Valdosta, GA, Steve Parker – son of Jake “Big Daddy” Parker & Dorothy “Lil Mama” Parker – had 3 sons with his wife, Debby. Austin, Cole, & Jake were blessed to be raised by the strong men, strong character, & strong support of the entire Parker family.

After being offered a scholarship to play football and pursue a degree at Cornell University, middle son Cole Parker was thrilled to learn that his father had arranged for him to be joined for his freshman year in Ithaca, NY by his older brother, Austin. Austin was set to transfer from Georgia Tech for his senior year as Cole left Lowndes High school for his freshman year of college, departing the comforts of home for the challenge of the Northeast.


The small-town Georgia boys would take on the Ivy League together, which meant the crucible of multiple 20-hour drives to & from Cornell. It was then that the brothers would decide on starting a business together as soon as they both graduated. But there were many miles, years, & obstacles to overcome.

After graduating from Cornell, Austin moved to Gardiner, Montana, just outside the gates of Yellowstone National Park. It was there, however, that tragedy struck. While hiking on Electric Peak – a Yellowstone mountain named and known for its dangerous electrical conductivity during lightning storms – Austin fell to his death as he tried to escape an unexpected lightning storm that had ambushed the mountain. He was only 23 at the time.


Devastated, the Parker family collected itself as best it could, hoping that time would heal. After spending a year back home to grieve together with the family, Cole would return to Cornell one last time, to finish what he had started and what his older brother had finished.

Cole graduated from Cornell with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics & Management with specializations in Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Having lost his brother & business partner, Cole returned home to begin his career. Shortly thereafter, Cole would found his first company: Parkstone Marketing. “Parkstone” was an homage to the business that he and Austin had dreamt of creating, with the name being derived from the combination of “Parker” and “Yellowstone.”


For years, Cole operated independently under the Parkstone banner. But when his younger brother, Jake, came of age and began to plan his own career, a new take on an old idea was born: instead of the older two brothers becoming business partners, it would be the younger two brothers.

Honoring the past, Cole and Jake began leading Parkstone into the future, creating affiliated companies under the same name and mission. With that foundation set, their cousin, Zach, and their father, Steve would come to join Parkstone as Board Members and partners in their own Parkstone businesses: Parkstone Insurance and Parkstone Financial, respectively. United, these Parker men now protect & propel the Parker – and Parkstone – name.

The Parker Brothers Journey from Valdosta to the Ivy League

In 2011, during their road trips to and from Cornell University, brothers Austin & Cole Parker conceived the vision of one day founding a business together after graduating.


Austin Parker Tragically Passes Away at the Age of 23

As he awaited Cole to graduate, on July 16th, 2016, Austin Parker - oldest son of Steve Parker - tragically died while hiking Electric Peak in Yellowstone National Park.


Cole Parker Graduates from Cornell University

Having gained his diploma but lost his brother & business partner, Cole graduated with his specializations in marketing & entrepreneurship & returned home to begin his career.


In Memoriam, "Parkstone" is Conceived & Founded

In January of 2018, Cole Parker founded a marketing firm & named it "Parkstone" ("Parker" + "Yellowstone") Marketing in honor of his lost brother and business partner.


The Parker Brothers Come Together to Partner After All

In June of 2021, Cole Parker joined his younger brother, Jake Parker, in creating Parkstone Construction, marking the decisive inflection point on the Parkstone path.


The Parkstone Board of Directors is Established

To guide and protect the good name of the Parkers and Parkstone at large, Cole Parker brought on Jake Parker, Zach Parker, and Steve Parker to govern Parkstone collectively.


Parkstone Financial is Founded as Steve Parker Joins his Son

On July 1st, 2023, Parkstone Financial was officially founded between Steve and Cole, bringing the financial services firm into the Parkstone portfolio of companies.

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