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Bonnie M.

Family Investor
I switched to Steve Parker, my financial advisor almost 900 miles from my Pennsylvania home, when I began to investigate retirement options in 2018 with my financial advisor in PA. My previous encounters with advisors included knowledgeable individuals but something was missing from the relationship.

I met Steve while he was setting my daughter up for a successful financial future early in her career. I was so impressed with Steve’s ability to easily communicate financial information to a thirty year old in a light hearted yet meaningful way which enabled her to see the value in developing financial goals. Before long Steve and I discussed my financial needs. I loved his friendly, no nonsense approach. He got to know me, my past, and my goals for the future. He truly cared about me, not just my funds!

Although technology makes miles virtually meaningless in the financial world, I still hesitated about transferring my funds 900 miles away. After all, in 2018 my advisor in PA was only ten miles from my home. But he wasn’t always available to me. In comparison, Steve promptly responded to several follow-up questions. I began the paperwork to transfer funds to Steve’s firm in GA and haven’t looked back. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is interested in working with a financial advisor who can care for your needs from infancy through retirement, cares for you and your family personally, and is trustworthy!

Chris Y.

Accredited Investor
Being a client of Parkstone is like having an extended family helping to look out for your financial as well as personal interests. Despite having moved several hundred miles away, I still feel as included and cared for as I did when I lived just down the street. I appreciate everyone at Parkstone and have had nothing but positive experiences and know the same will continue for years to come. Thank you Parkstone and keep up the great momentum you’ve worked so hard to create!

Suzanne F.

Retired Investor
Steve Parker is an excellent financial planner. He’s knowledgeable about his products and experienced with many years in the business. The thing that makes Steve the most unique is his genuine concern for his clients. He listens to your personal needs. He gets to know them as a friend and truly works to help his clients to their specific needs and concerns. If you’re looking for a financial planner who cares about you and your future more than just running a business, he’s the man for you.

Danny S.

Accredited Investor
Thank you to Parkstone Financial, who not only has their client's future in mind, but also is able to manage their needs of today. They're a stable advocate in an uncertain world!

Mike Y.

Retired Investor
As a senior citizen, I'm looking for moderate growth of my capital with minimum risk. I can always count on Mr. Steve Parker at Parkstone Financial to provide the best options to accomplish my objectives. There is no need to look elsewhere for financial advice. Steve is your go to guy!

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