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Since different clients have different wants and needs when it comes to the level of attention to and involvement with their portfolio, Parkstone Financial offers two different Client Account platforms. You can read about the differences between CIR Statements and CLIC Client below, click the buttons below to log in, or reach out to us to request access if you do not already have it set up.

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Access all of your Parkstone Financial accounts held with Cambridge (“CIR”, the broker-dealer) and Fidelity (“NFS”, the clearing firm) in one place through CIR Statements (“CIRS”), powered by Albridge’s Wealth Reporting system.

CIRS is a centralized platform to review all of your CIR/NFS account numbers, current balances, and performance over time, offering a robust and customizable array of reports. Other, non-CIR/NFS products and Sponsors may also be available and synced into CIR Statements, depending on the Carrier. We will populate all available accounts into the platform when your profile is created.

Access all of your information and data directly and at any time by logging in below.

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For our clients that are wanting and/or needing a more comprehensive view of their broader financial picture, Parkstone Financial provides free access to CLIC Client, powered by eMoney’s Financial Planning platform.

CLIC Client specializes in aggregating accounts and assets of all types, allowing for live feeds from sources such as investment accounts and bank accounts while also allowing the flexibility of manually updating independent assets such as real estate.

Access all of your information and data directly and at any time by logging in below. CLIC Client accounts are created upon request, so if you have not already had an account set up for you and would like one, reach out to set up an onboarding meeting.

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